Cloud computing platform for IoT

With the Azure IoT Suite, Microsoft offers preconfigured solutions for typical IoT and Industry 4.0 settings such as remote monitoring and proactive maintenance. The Azure IoT Suite is based on a selection of the numerous IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services that Microsoft makes available in its Azure cloud computing platform:

  • Device connectivity and management (Azure IoT Hub and related SDKs).
  • Analytics and information generation (Cortana Intelligence Suite, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Lake).
  • Presentation and application integration (Power BI, Azure App Services).

Certified Partner

We have been a Gold Partner for the Microsoft Cloud Platform since May 2017. With our diverse project experience and extensive expertise, Robotron is an important contact for companies that want to generate tangible and sustainable added value from the large amounts of data along their value chain. By observing and evaluating the information from production processes, new potentials are identified and further developed by means of data-driven process optimization. This is implemented with modern analytical methods and innovative software solutions based on Microsoft Azure IoT Platform Services for efficient process monitoring.