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Machine Connectivity & Edge Computing

RoboGate Suite is your connection to machine data by providing easy access via common industry protocols. All of the data is mapped in human-readable format via configurable data models. Universal transformation is just as much a part of the repertoire of the RoboGate as pre-processing of the received data according to your specifications. RoboGate also enables data to be forwarded to a large number of other platforms and industrial service bus solutions.

Device Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of the RoboGate components via the central device management. It has intuitive operation via a browser-like user interface with the material design system and an API for integration into existing management systems is available.


The RoboGate Suite also includes professional consulting from experienced specialists for your digitalisation strategy in the IIoT business. You will experience the benefits from the full service over the entire life cycle - from the idea to operation. If you wish, you can also receive an individual development of your customised solution.


Choose between a standardized and customized approach for your heterogeneous machinery. We accompany you on the way to the Connected Factory and support you with analysis and planning for the connection of new and existing systems.


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