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Robotron's in-house course services allow you to efficiently train your employees on your own premises under the guidance of Robotron instructors. We invite you to benefit from many years of training expertise in Oracle technologies, for our successful energy data management systems as well as current IoT, data analytics and cloud applications. Of course, we customize the course program depending on your technological conditions and the level of knowledge of the course participants.

Your Benefits:

Cost and time savings due to avoidance of travel time

Practical exercises are performed on in-house technology

Individual customization of the course contents possible

Flexible scheduling of your preferred course

Personal coaching by experienced instructors

Certified training partner of ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG

Why not organize the next training course for all your colleagues on your premises? Your employees will not have to travel long distances and still benefit from personal coaching by experienced Robotron instructors. This facilitates an individual approach to any questions employees might have and enables the instructors to provide assistance immediately if problems occur. Furthermore, the training is performed on your company's own technology and in a familiar working environment, which additionally enhances the practical aspects of the courses. The training environments exclusively provided by Robotron and Oracle are accessed online right from your location. Requirements for the Robotron in-house courses are premises with suitable technology for participants and lecturers. Our team will clarify all relevant preparations in advance with you individually.

Main Topics at the Robotron Training Center

One training center - numerous topics. The Robotron Training Center features courses on many different topics, ranging from infrastructure to our own software products. We have accumulated many years of expertise in complex database environments and equally complex requirements from our major customers. As a result, we can provide our participants with numerous exercises in all courses to reinforce what they have learned.

It is not always possible to gather all employees in person at one location. But within the virtual classroom of the Robotron Training Center it is possible to overcome this challenge. In fact, you can also have your in-house training conducted conveniently online by our instructors. Robotron provides participants with their own practice environment and all workshop materials optimized for remote training and your individual requirements. Our instructors train your employees in small groups in Live Virtual Classes, creating a personal learning atmosphere. Benefit from our customized offers now!

Your contact person:
Britta Schumann
Training Assistant