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How Data Becomes Information

Today, almost anyone can collect data. Every day, data traffic from IT systems and technology infrastructures, such as websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors, mobile devices and plants, is continuously increasing. We will show you how to turn such data into information in various training courses and approaches.


We get you ready to use Splunk - the platform for operational intelligence. You can choose from a variety of  training courses and course levels to get the knowledge you need for your application areas to upgrade your skills.

The basic course provides the essential knowledge for working with the technology, such as functions or initial approaches to analysis and reporting. The administration course focuses on the Splunk architecture and the management of storage structures, targeting system administrators. The Splunk IoT Bootcamp covers typical IoT use cases including real-time machine data collection, condition monitoring, and anomaly detection using machine learning. The course portfolio offers deeper insights to experienced Splunk users on how to extend the Splunk user interface in terms of design, functionality and usability with advanced frontend development.

Another proven tool for analyzing and evaluating large amounts of data is Oracle's strategic solution for enterprise reporting and document output: Oracle BI Publisher. In our courses, you will learn to extract data from different sources with Oracle BI Publisher and to format them for data output with a wide variety of layouts. You will design clear visualizations of data using familiar tools such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat or the integrated Layout Builder. You will also learn to plan and deliver reports to different audiences according to business needs using BI Publisher.

Dashboards are particularly useful for presenting different analysis results in a condensed form, giving everyone insight into the data that is relevant to them. The Create Analyses and Dashboards course shows the available visualization options in the analysis editor and the dashboard builder. Other topics covered are: Oracle Scorecard, the integration of BI content into MS Office products, the creation of apps for mobile devices, and the use of Oracle BI Briefing Books for the administration of the presentation catalog.

Data Analysis, IoT and Cloud: Create Your Individual Learning Path

IoT Ready with Robotron

On the way to Industry 4.0, not only the right technologies and IT infrastructures play a decisive role, but also your employees. Robotron prepares your company and your employees for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Assemble an individual learning path from a modular building block system of different technologies and methods with our help. Customize it according to your needs and your work environment.

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