Using Cloud Computing Effectivly

Being cloud experts with many years of experience in all matters concerning IT infrastructure including any administrative tasks, we offer a wide range of courses and trainings on the topic of cloud computing. In these courses you will acquire the necessary knowledge to set up and securely operate selected services in the cloud - for different technology providers such as Microsoft, or Oracle.

In various courses on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you will acquire the basic knowledge to set up and manage OCI resources such as network and storage on systems based on bare metal or virtual machines. Furthermore, you will learn the different strategies to migrate on-prem Oracle databases to the cloud. The Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is used for managing both worlds. Installation, configuration, monitoring as well as patching are taught in the courses using practical examples.

Learn how to send sensor data from IoT devices to Microsoft Azure in real time, process it and visualize the results in Power BI dashboards using a variety of Industry 4.0 scenarios. Classify states of production parts, perform root-cause analysis, or get alerts when anomalies occur. In order to do this, you will be introduced to Azure Machine Learning in a practice-oriented way. This will enable you to proactively make improvements in manufacturing and maintenance, instead of just reactively.

Kubernetes - the established orchestrator framework for native cloud applications is not only supported by all leading cloud providers now, but also offered as a managed service (Google GKE, Microsoft AKS, Amazon EKS, DigitalOcean, etc.). Our courses relating to containerization give you the opportunity to get acquainted with container orchestration based on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in realistic settings.

Beyond IoT: Design Your Individual Learning Path

 IoT Ready with Robotron

Not only the right technologies and IT infrastructures play a decisive role on the way to Industry 4.0, but also your employees. Robotron makes your company and your employees capable for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Put together an individual learning path from a modular building block system with our help. Choose courses for different technologies and methods that are precisely adapted to your needs and your working environment.

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