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IoT Empowerment

The advancing networking of IT systems, production facilities and communication systems also demands increasingly comprehensive knowledge. Software producers' project and sales teams require expertise not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of technical and methodological aspects.

With our IoT Readiness Program, we equipped Microsoft employees to better understand the requirements of their customers in the context of increasing digitalization. Our hands-on training courses draw on real applications to put end-to-end Industrial IoT use cases into practice. You will learn how data from systems on the Shop Floor can be captured and effectively processed using the Azure platform's IoT services and data analysis methods.

With this combination of applied knowledge of the Azure IoT platform and industrial insights, you get the chance to develop new IoT business cases together with customers!

„Due to the differentiated qualification levels of the IoT training courses, every stakeholder group finds a suitable qualification level. Even I, with already existing experience, could deepen and expand my knowledge in IoT/IIoT accordingly.“ 


Sebastian Nelles
Solution Specialist – Data and AI, Cloud Solutions

"The Robotron IoT training was able to deepen my knowledge around IoT in general as well as in connection with the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The varied combination of theory and practice enabled me to better understand both the concepts and the customer benefits of the Smart Factory. The hands-on sessions also gave me the opportunity to put directly into practice what I had learned."


Sven Wildermann
Technology Solutions Professional

„I could deepen my IoT knowledge and now I feel able to develop appropriate concepts in my company. Together with other experts I can integrate IoT solutions in order to be well positioned in the future..“​


Achim Löschner
Technology Solutions Professional Microsoft Dynamics 365

“Within the comprehensible and well-structured sessions, I was given not only theoretical knowledge, but above all a practical insight. My practical understanding was expanded by the processed use case. This included the processing of incoming streaming data and its linkage with machine learning models as well as the visualization of the results..“


Hans J. Schellewald
Senior Account Technology Strategist in Manufacturing Discrete