Visual Inspection for AI-Based Quality Checking

Realtime Computer Vision - RCV - is a modular platform that can be used to implement all computer vision applications, such as image classification, object recognition, and image segmentation. RCV uses deep learning algorithms, a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI).

Use Case: Quality Inspection

  • Control of surface defects
  • Final assembly inspection of components or products

The example shows the indication of good (green colored segments) and
bad (red colored segments) areas during the quality inspection of weld seams.

Use Cases: Object Detection and Completeness Check

  • Component inspection for shape, structure, color or texture
  • Label and barcode recognition in logistics
  • Optical inspection of final assembly
  • Automated component picking

The example shows the detection and counting of wrapped cups (red bounding box) and unwrapped cups (yellow bounding box) in a crate for completeness control.

Use Case: Storage Location Detection

  • Label and barcode recognition
  • Precise positioning and orientation by drone
  • Capturing, classifying and tracking objects in warehouses

The example shows the detection and documentation of various containers
and objects such as mesh boxes, dollies or pallets in a warehouse.


RCV Platform in Detail

Strong Partner Network

In the development, enhancement and deployment of the RCV platform, we successfully collaborate with partners from the areas of Platforms & Technology, Hardware Solutions and Research & Science.

Computer Vision in Action


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