Carter Bot

  • Demonstrator for testing autonomous
    navigation capabilities
  • Linking autonomous machines
    and artificial intelligence
  • Transport system without explicit
    route implementation

Carter Bot

Robots in industry are nothing new, but there are not many truly autonomous robots yet. For example, transport systems in intralogistics. They find their own way to the destination dynamically with the help of machine learning, i.e. without a previously implemented and determined route.

As part of a customer project, we have built a demonstrator for such an autonomous mobile robot - the Carter Bot. It is based on Nvidia's ISAAC platform for robotics - a kit for developing production-grade AI-enabled solutions. It allows autonomous machines to be connected to artificial intelligence. We have tested the platform's autonomous navigation capabilities with the Carter Bot and are introducing them now.

The Details

All you need is

  • A Segway
  • A stereo camera
  • A LIDAR sensor
  • A depth camera
  • A gyro sensor
  • As well as the edge PC NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

...and of course the implementation of the software. And at this, we are experts.

The Fields of Application

Object recognition and free space segmentation, waypoint orders or simultaneous localization and mapping - with its numerous functionalities, the Carter Bot is equipped for a wide range of applications in almost all areas of automation in industrial manufacturing:


  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Transportation
  • Consignment Collection
  • Assembly
  • Quality inspection
  • Map making
  • Monitoring

Further Impressions