Engine Monitoring

Linde Engineering is a technology leader in international plant construction and operates process plants worldwide. In the age of digitalization, it is important to monitor these plants and their essential machines remotely and to ensure smooth plant operation. Linde Engineering relies on Robotron as a specialist for modern cloud technologies in the Microsoft Azure environment.

To monitor the engines, vibration data is collected with the help of the RoboGate. The field gateway solution acts as an intelligent sensor for reading the data and as a connection to the cloud. Even older existing systems that do not yet have their own sensor technology can be retrofitted in this way.



Raw data is transformed within the Edge environment in real time using complex calculations, such as a Fourier analysis. This transformation from a defined time domain into the frequency domain is simultaneously monitored and evaluated within the cloud. Deviations are thus immediately identified and displayed in the form of pre-alarms or main alarms as notifications. The architecture is designed to simultaneously handle data streams from multiple sources and to easily perform automatic scaling. The evaluation of the data runs in a Kubernetes cluster using the Apache Kafka streaming service.


The cloud architecture created in the Microsoft Azure environment provides Linde with a highly flexible solution that offers numerous advantages:

  • Mapping of further use cases, even from external customers
  • Separate cloud subscriptions guarantee customers sovereignty over the data
  • Easy connection of multiple machines and extensibility
  • Integration with existing tools via API