Support and Services

We also offer remote support and operation of your Oracle infrastructures. As a database administrator, we can offer you a variety of options: We provide proactive system monitoring, administration of the target systems and additional service packages according to your requirements.

Highly available and high-performance environments have to be monitored and optimized. Robotron provides suitable services and support for tecnical problems, periodic maintenance and optimization. We offer proactive system monitoring, the administration of your target systems as well as additional service packages according to your requirements .

IT operations require automated processes. We implement necessary IT systems and support or operate them entirely.

Security Services are an important component in our system operations. If you are interested we present the variety of our Managed Services in more detail.

Variety of Our Services

We offer comprehensive services for supporting or taking over operations. These services include:

  • Storage services (provision and maintenance of storage space with backup services)
  • Services for applications in the energy sector, public administration and industry
  • Infrastructure services
  • Network services to provide and secure transmission bandwidth and connectivity
  • Security services (anti-virus protection and prevention, firewalling, organizational measures, monitoring, detection, defense and prevention of security gaps and attacks)
  • Monitoring services (network and server monitoring)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Desktop services (virtual desktops for applications)
  • User support and technical support
  • Authentication services
  • Database services (Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server)

All individual Service Level Agreements are based on the ITIL standard.


Customized Operating Performance