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Containerization and container orchestration not only offer flexible options for developing, delivering, and updating software, but also for operating it in a highly available and scalable manner. In particular, the focus is on the automation and standardization of processes for software deployment.


The Use of Containers Offers Numerous Advantages

Automation and standardization of the software life cycle

Reduction of deployment times

Optimization for modern technologies and processes (private/public/hybrid cloud, CI/CD, DevOps)

Lean and platform-independent application packages

Reduction of operating costs with higher agility (scaling, migration, deployment, updates)

Containerization of Applications

Containers offer a simple, fast and secure way to create, test and distribute software and to operate it in a highly available and scalable manner. Based on a container engine, we develop and modernize new or existing software for our customers in a future-proof and platform-independent manner. For this purpose, we "package" the application components in containers so that we can provide them for all common operating environments in a standardized and automated manner. This reduces effort and sources of error in the creation of software - from development to testing and acceptance to the production of an application.


Container Architectures and Operating Models

To orchestrate, manage, and run containers, we use Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. These open source software products make it possible to automatically distribute server load in different operating environments and to scale applications as desired at the push of a button.

Applications orchestrated on the basis of Kubernetes run extremely robustly and are particularly fail-safe. Due to the encapsulation and exclusivity of applications in containers, the security for generic attack scenarios is significantly increased. Kubernetes and OpenShift environments can be run on traditional hardware, in virtualization environments, on hyperconverged infrastructures or in the public cloud.


Overview of our Services

Application Development:


  • Proof-of-Concept(PoC) for the introduction of container-based applications and architectures
  • Design and development of new applications (e.g. microservices)
  • Modernization of existing applications for container platforms
  • Automation and standardization of development and deployment processes
  • Further development, maintenance and operation of applications

Architecture and Operations:


  • Creation of concepts for container architecture
  • Setup and commissioning of Podman, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and Oracle Verrazzano environments
  • Integration in private cloud architectures (best-of-breed, KVM, Oracle PCA, etc.)
  • Provisioning in public cloud environments (Kubernetes in OCI, Microsoft Azure, aws)
  • Migration between cloud worlds and establishment of hybrid cloud models
  • Managed services for container architectures