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Green portfolio management with robotron*esales


Complete software solution for the systemic processing of Power Purchase Agreements

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are a piece of the puzzle for the energy transition, particularly in the area of renewable energies. Producers and purchasers use PPAs to agree on criteria such as delivery location, quantity, period and price for the electricity supply. By linking deliveries with guarantees of origin, PPAs support the use of renewable energy sources and promote long-term supply agreements with electricity producers.

With the Robotron energy data management system robotron*esales, you can flexibly manage different types of PPAs and actively manage risk to cope with price fluctuations.

Manage Power Purchase Agreements efficiently with the quartet of modules from robotron*esales:

  • With the Robotron energy market platform's offer calculation solution, you can easily map complex cost and revenue structures.
  • The seamlessly integrated portfolio management module ensures the management of electricity volumes with separate aggregation for electricity and guarantees of origin, as well as management in separate accounts.
  • Integrated into your company-wide risk management, the extensive functionalities of the Robotron risk management solution enable you to quickly gain an overview of the risk involved in trading transactions and reduce it in an audit-proof manner.
  • With our forecasting module, you can conveniently forecast corresponding feed-in and delivery quantities for this type of contract and seamlessly process the information for electricity and certificates of origin quantities in the Robotron billing solution.

All Robotron solutions for your digital meter-to-cash process can be found at: www.robotron.de/en/energy/sales

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