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Energy distributors now calculate offers even more flexibly


Modular energy procurement with Lot Calculation 2.0 by Robotron

In times of exploding energy prices, professional risk management is a top priority for energy suppliers. Numerous processes are put under the microscope to ensure flexible action and quick decisions in energy procurement.

As a long-standing IT partner and solution provider for all energy market roles, Robotron supports process optimization with highly automated software for energy professionals.
With a new feature in Robotron's offer calculation, energy distributors now have the additional option of dividing offers into multiple years on a modular basis. The previous lot function already made it possible to combine any consumption points within an offer into lots and offer them separately.

With Robotron's Lot Calculation 2.0, it is now possible to map the calculation process in a less complex form and to offer offers as a whole or in modular form (for individual years). This means that distributors do not have to create a separate offer for each time period. The basis of this improvement is the new option to include a supply point multiple times over the course of time in an overarching, open bundle and thus to calculate flexibly.

Learn more about the solution: www.robotron.de/en/offer-calculation