Efficient offer calculation-
pricing with all-in-one solutions from Robotron

  • Flexible, fast, audit-proof
  • Lean sales process
  • Creation of individual and competitive offers
  • Independent configuration: Adjust the calculation parameters flexibly to market dynamics - without additional effort for development!
  • Preferred partner of the most common CRM systems in the energy market
  • Efficient offer calculation & tranche procurement on the web

Customized Full-Size Solution

  • Creation of offers based on contribution margins for business customers, including those with complex purchase structures (bundle and chain customers, multi-year and framework agreements)
  • Automated support throughout the entire quotation process
  • Calculation based on flexible supply products, different price sources and different quantity scenarios
  • Use of different pricing forms such as price time series, formula prices, price sheet prices
  • Recalculation in case of changing prices (NNE, index prices)
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Preconfigured Cloud Package for Small and Medium-Sized Energy Distributors

  • No in-house infrastructure required
  • No set-up costs
  • Project implementation in only 6 weeks
  • Immediate productive use - minimal staff involvement in the project
  • All-in-one solution at a fixed monthly price


Lot Calculation 2.0

In addition to the familiar lot function, which makes it possible to combine any points of consumption within an offer into lots and offer them separately, Lot Calculation 2.0 additionally offers the possibility to divide offers into several years. In this way, the offers can be offered as a complete offer or in modular form (for individual years).

With Lot Costing 2.0, it is now possible to map the costing process in a less complex form. This means that a separate offer does not have to be created for each time period. The basis for this is the new option to include a supply point several times over the course of time in a spanning, open bundle and thus to calculate it.

Your benefits

You will create competitive offers in under 3 minutes with a positive contribution margin.

You can easily recalculate as prices change.

They reduce the bidding time and thus increase the number of deals.

You send individual offers simply at the touch of a button.

You flexibly adapt the calculation parameters to market developments without additional development effort.

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