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Construction of a new Oracle platform

Initial Situation and Objective

The X-FAB Dresden GmbH & Co. KG operates several highly available Oracle databases for its production line in semiconductor manufacturing. In the past, the complexity of the environment as well as short maintenance windows posed a major maintenance challenge. In addition, a large number of different systems existed, which had different patch statuses, versions and availability levels. The goal was to create a suitable consolidation platform that would establish local availability and provide additional redundancy on a standby system. This is intended to increase overall availability and safeguard operational reliability through easy-to-maintain systems.

The Implementation

As a long-standing partner in the field of professional services, Robotron was commissioned to set up a new Oracle platform. In the first step, Robotron experts analyzed the existing databases as well as the license situation and adapted the sizing to the new main system. During the migration to ODA-HA and ODA-M, the databases were updated to a uniform, current database release and disaster availability was subsequently established by robotron*Standby. Since the systems were implemented, the databases have been and continue to be updated according to each user's maintenance window, and the ODA systems have been patched at the scheduled times. The appliance software enables the customer to provide all components with security and bug fixes, even down to the individual hard drive.

The Benefit

The feedback from users on the high-performance ODA technology was consistently positive immediately after the initial migration. The constant support of the systems in the maintenance phases and during operation by Robotron Professional Services ensures that all security and maintenance aspects are met, even for production-critical systems. The focus on high-performance individual systems that consolidate various legacy systems enables the operation of many critical database applications by a small administration team.