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The Requirement

Many systems require a high level of data availability. Both industry and public administration therefore need to be able to restore data promptly and with as little loss as possible in the event of a failure. Traditional backup procedures can hardly meet these requirements any more, because recovery scenarios are too complex or too time-consuming. The economic damage caused is unacceptable. 

In order to resume operations as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster, a secondary system (so-called standby or shadow database) is essential. Native solutions are available for this in the Oracle product environment. However, these are tied to the Enterprise Edition of the database and may also require additional chargeable options. Therefore, these solutions are often not used due to the prevailing economic competition in IT.

Our Solution

robotron*Standby is the cost-effective alternative to Oracle Data Guard to implement disaster recovery concepts even with the Standard Edition. The transactions of the primary system are automatically transported to the standby system and applied there. A planned role change for necessary maintenance work without data loss is possible with a switchover to the standby system in the case of an error. 



Benefits at a Glance

DBA support

High cost efficiency compared to other solutions

Reduce the risk of data loss and downtime

Short implementation time and easy operation

Cloud ready


  • Continuous data replication to one o multiple standby systems, to the Oracle Cloud or to the ODA
  • Primary and mirror systems are independent of distances
  • Fast recovery of system and data
  • Integrated failover and switchover capapilities
  • Simple synchronisation and (re)instantiation
  • Intuitiv usage of robotron*Standby Frontend and -Cli
  • In the robotron*DBAsuite bundle: includes parallelized backup & recovery for SE databases

Use Case

Many companies and public institutions rely on the Oracle Database Appliance when changing hardware. The small models are particularly popular. Since these are often operated with Standard Edition licenses, a second Database Appliance is used to ensure data availability, which is kept synchronized with robotron*Standby. In this way, requirements for 24x7 availability and 99.9% annual average availability can be met without having to purchase expensive hardware or licenses. Even the application of patches with minimal disruption is possible thanks to standby first patching and subsequent role switching.


Oracle Partnership

The partnership between Robotron and Oracle has existed since our founding years. Robotron was one of the first partners in Germany to be certified as a "Platinum Partner" and has consistently met the relevant requirements ever since.

The Oracle know-how, for which we gained international recognition, underlines the certified expertise on the individual technologies. Furthermore, we share our knowledge in our certified Oracle Approved Education Center.


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Eric Barth
Head of Sales Technology and Services