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Many systems require a high level of data security. However, traditional backup procedures struggle to meet these requirements, as the scenarios for recovery are too complex or too time-consuming. Data losses are unacceptable and can cause great economic damage. That is why there is a need in both industry and public administration to be able to restore data quickly and with as little loss as possible in the event of an error.

Our customers have used robotron*Standby successfully since 2008. It was recently modernized and extended for use on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) and for cloud standby scenarios. This enables our customers to build flexible operating concepts based on the Standard Edition (SE, SE1, SE2) and at the same time to integrate pre-optimized environments according to Oracle Best Practices.

  • Continuous data backup on a standby system, in the Oracle Cloud or on the ODA
  • Primary and mirror systems are independent of distances
  • Protection against hardware and logical errors
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Optimized availability of business critical data
  • Reduction of the risk of data loss and downtime
  • Short implementation time and simple operation
  • Fast recovery of system and data
  • Continue work with correct data stock
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Eric Barth
Head of Sales Technology and Services