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Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH

Quality-Monitoring with Splunk

The goal of this project was the development of a platform for the acquisition, interpretation, archiving as well as analysis of sensor data from the stationary large-scale storage systems of Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH. The aim was to ensure complete monitoring of the manufactured battery storage units during production, in the field and for targeted refinement.

As part of the project, the Splunk technology platform replaced the current archiving of data in a database. In addition, it relieves the control of the plants and now offers completely new possibilities for error research. During the project, Robotron implemented the following use cases based on the Splunk platform.

The first use case that could be implemented directly after one of the prototypical developments was the maintenance/service and development monitoring use case. The focus of this solution is on the visualization of the system status and the proactive alerting of rule violations. The detailed search for errors and disturbed events forms a second decisive core point. The synchronization of events across all components is particularly important here. This enables the service engineer to search for simultaneous events in the controller, the BMC and the WR, as well as in the individual modules and cells.

In the second use case, condition monitoring was implemented to monitor continuous signals from individual components. This involves evaluating several of these continuous signals by performing an anomaly analysis and simultaneously generating a trend for all corresponding signals. As a third use case, the focus shifted to long-term analysis and plant comparison. The resulting analyses are used both for the further development of battery storage systems and for the benchmarking of different plants in the field and their degree of wear.