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Infosystem AG

ISV to ISV consulting for Oracle databases

The Client
Infosystem AG is a digitalization and transformation company with business software products such as LEVA+, ResSys and performis®. Infosystem's solutions are predominantly used by SMEs. In addition to the products themselves, Infosystem offers individual software engineering as well as operational support for end customers.

The initial Situation
Infosystem AG uses an Oracle database in the backend of its software solutions. In the past, the existing environments were mainly deployed on database version 12.1. Here, a rebuild of 19c databases was pending.

The Solution
In several workshops an almost fully automated installation including patching of a 19c (19.8) Oracle database under MS Windows was scripted. Thus, only a few configuration entries are necessary to install new database systems by means of the script. Included is the conversion to the container architecture, which offers further advantages. For example, scripts for copying productive PDBs to test databases are created automatically and can also be executed by end customers. Furthermore, Robotron supports Infosystem AG in questions of daily operation and is available as third-level support. For upgrades of existing applications, Robotron assists in the area of data transfer.

The Benefit
The cooperation of Infosystem with Robotron relieves the employees in the area of Oracle databases. The increasingly complex operational questions and problems, especially in the transition to container architecture or cloud solutions, can be outsourced from Infosystem to Robotron. Infosystem can thus concentrate on its own customers and their requirements without having to build up its own extensive know-how for problems that arise. The end customers benefit from significantly shorter problem handling times in the database environment.