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We monitor ourselves


Evaluation of our own gas heat pumps started with robotron*IPEA and RoboGate

Since July, we have been analyzing the gas heat pumps, the heating circuits, and the cold and hot water storage tanks at our site with our software for ISO 50001-compliant energy management: robotron*IPEA. We use our in-house field gateway solution to collect data from the individual systems. The RoboGate proves itself in this case for the retrofit of the plants and as an intelligent sensor.

From now on, we will collect key figures based on flow and return temperatures and operating hours. The aim is to measure the efficiency of the plants and to use machine learning algorithms for proactive monitoring of the plants. This will enable us to inform our facility managers in advance of any problems and minimize downtime.

With this internal project, there are several advantages and benefits at once. On the one hand, failures can be avoided. On the other hand, we can achieve long-term energy and cost savings by monitoring and optimizing the pumps.