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Energy Management as an Accelerator for the Smart Grid

In times of an ever-changing energy market, intelligent energy management is a decisive success factor and the basis for energy efficiency of companies and organizations. The network of the future is characterized by decentralized energy producers, modern energy accumalator technologies, prosumers, innovative business models and services. Robotron offers innovative software solutions for intelligent energy management in the grid of the future. Robotron SMART Campus, a pilot project at the headquarters in Dresden, is a showcase demonstrating these solutions.

Optimized management of energy systems

The Robotron SMART Campus is a model of the new interconnected energy system at the company's headquarters. The project's main focus is the intelligent Robotron software paving the way for the smart grid of the future. Software has a key role in the optimization of energy systems and is the basis for the optimized procurement and marketing of electric power. Robotron software enables high quality forecasting and the cost-efficient control and management of energy systems.

Precise Metering Data Capturing

Using Robotron software, the metering data is densely captured, processed and stored for analysis.

Intelligent Forecast

Robotron software enables the utilization of historical measured values and the analysis of various parameters, such as weather data. These allow load curves of consumers and generation plants to be forecasted. The Robotron software solution generates schedules ("day ahead") for the generation plants and the controllable loads (charging stations, other controllable loads). Imported weather forecasts, prices, historical load curves and consumer requirements (shift and holiday calendars, production schedules) are taken into account.

Real-Time Optimization and Control

Optimized schedules are transferred to a server, which generates and transmits the necessary switching commands to the control units. The intelligent system monitors the system states and compares them with the specified target values. The highly efficient optimization tool makes dynamic adjustments to the deployment plans. This allows the effects of, for example, sudden reductions in generation output or high utilization of the charging infrastructure to be optimally controlled.

Features and Benefits

  • Peak shaving or load shifting: Controlling the maximum load.
  • Price optimization: Reduction of the electricity purchase price based on price forecasts.
  • Grid efficiency: Responding to load shifting requests from the energy provider.
  • Load smoothing: Optimization of load variation between adjacent time periods.
  • Charging time reduction for E-Mobility: Saving charging time for your electric vehicles.
  • Flexibility: Configuration of individual parameters and priorities in the system.

Robotron SMART Campus - Interactive

In our online game for the SMART Campus project, you can take a virtual walk around the campus and familiarize yourself with the individual system elements. In addition, you have the chance to prove your skills as an online energy manager. What's your high score?

  • Experience energy management and digitalization of the energy industry interactively
  • Become an energy manager yourself on the Robotron SMART Campus
  • Control the energy system of the future
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