Steering Energy Transition with CLS Management

The introduction of intelligent metering systems (iMSys) including intelligent control devices laid the foundation for the control of power producers and loads, which is currently driving the rapid development of new services in the energy sector and is an outstanding opportunity for future innovations. The resulting establishment of a standardized communication infrastructure is the key for a secure and economical grid integration of flexible loads and volatile energy sources. The introduction of iMSys challenges network operators and suppliers alike with developing intelligent IT systems that will securely and efficiently coordinate data in the grid of the future.  

Robotron's universal data hub, the head-end system robotron*SwitchingServer, creates the optimal connection between in the field controllable local systems, plants and the controlling systems of the various market players.

Fields of Pracital Application

Conducive Grid Control

 Replacement of ripple and radio ripple control, charge management


Conducive Market Utilization

Virtual power plants, efficient management of capacities and flexibilities


Smart Energy Services

Submetering, Energy management, Smart Home

Universal Data Hub: robotron*SwitchingServer

  • Integrated authorization and priority management guarantees the shared, secure use of control infrastructures by different market players.
  • Central management and administration of the control infrastructure with support for system-relevant device processes.
  • Configurable standard interfaces with different protocols and technologies facilitate system integration.
  • Modular system design for numerous use cases: Ripple control replacement, submetering, control of charging infrastructure for e-mobility, virtual power plants.
  • On-premise or cloud solution.

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