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ED Netze GmbH

Extensive Oracle service provider

The Client

ED Netze GmbH is one of the largest network operators in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg.

The network area extends over an area from about Freiburg via Villingen-Schwenningen to Bodensee-Weil am Rhein with thousands of customers and energy feed-in systems.

About the project

Central systems run in the backend of ED Netze GmbH, which provide the applications required for managing the power grid. Some of these systems are based on Oracle databases. During various projects, the existing databases were upgraded and patched to new versions or new databases were created.

In addition, central monitoring was set up and configured using an Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control environment. The integrated backup control of the databases in Cloud Control, which goes beyond monitoring, makes it possible not only to monitor all critical operating processes, but also to make the results available centrally as an e-mail. This way the operation of the databases can be monitored by employees without in-depth knowledge of database technologies, who then notify power users accordingly when error states occur. The security requirements of ED Netze GmbH led to the usage of various encryption technologies in the database environment.


Achieved added value for the customer

Database operation – secure and highly available.

This is the easiest way to describe the overall consultation at ED Netze GmbH. As an all-round service provider for all aspects of database operation, Robotron supports the analysis of the requirements of ED Netze GmbH and the application manufacturers involved. Furthermore, Robotron ensures the conception and implementation of an optimal operation of the database environment, tailored to needs and existing know-how.