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Data Protection Information for Business Partners (Customers, Suppliers, Partners), or persons requesting business information or contact

There is a business relationship in place between you and our company, either as a customer or as a supplier of us.

You may also have contacted us in order to learn more about our products or services, or you are interested to receive other information from and/or about our company (e.g. at a fair where you provide us with your contact data, or you may have registered to receive our newsletter or mailings etc.).

With the following information we provide to you an overview of the processing of your personal data by us, and of your statutory rights (Art. 13, 14 General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR). 

We process personal data in strict compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as with the relevant national data protection provisions.
We ask you to make this information available to those of your employees who are affected by the processing of the personal data.

1 Controller

The Controller who is responsible for the processing of personal data is:

Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH
Stuttgarter Straße 29
01189 Dresden

Tel.: +49 351 25859-0
E-Mail: info(at)robotron(dot)de


2 Data Protection Officer

You may contact our Data Protection Officer as follows:

Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH
Datenschutzbeauftragter / Data Protection Officer
Stuttgarter Straße 29
01189 Dresden

E-Mail: datenschutz(at)robotron(dot)de


3 Purposes and legal basis of the processing of personal data

3.1 Categories of personal data

We process personal data which we receive from you within our business relationship, or within your particular request. 

Relevant personal data is in particular: name, address, communication and contact data, customer/supplier number, bank details, tax ID number, payment information etc., or any particular data received from you (according to the particular matter of the communication). 

Where applicable, we may also process data obtained from public sources (e.g. commercial registers, press, internet) and/or which we lawfully obtain from third parties (e.g. credit bureau etc.).

Any processing of personal data will observe the statutory data protection provisions. In particular, the following purposes and legal bases apply:


3.2 Processing of data for performance of a contract

Personal data is processed because it is necessary for the performance of a contract which is in place between you and us (i.e. initiation of contract, pre-contractual measures, conclusion and performance of contract, or termination of contract). 

We may further process personal data insofar as it is necessary for the initiation or preparation of a new contractual or business relationship, or for any related pre-contractual measures which are taken at your request (this applies in particular insofar as you request information regarding our products or services, or regarding any other contractual cooperation, or request an offer, etc.).

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is Art. 6 (1) lit. b) GDPR.


3.3 Data processing for compliance with legal obligation

We may also process your personal data where it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are a subject. In this respect, we are subject to several legal obligations. This applies in particular to the storage or retention of data for the duration of statutory retention obligations. Also, particular tax obligations may apply.

The legal basis is Art. 6 (1) lit. c) GDPR. 


3.4 Data processing for legitimate interests

The processing of your personal data is also lawful where it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us. Such interests may in particular be security interests of us, or the interest in secure and efficient business processes. Further, measures for improvement of product and service quality, or the provision of relevant information on products or market developments, where we may assume your interest, or measures for optimizing our business processes may apply to this purpose. Also, the enforcement of legal rights, or the defence in legal disputes, may apply. We will process data only insofar as our interests are not overridden by your interests and rights.

Within a contractual relationship, we may use your contact information for promoting to you our related products or services. Here we will comply with the legal provisions. You may object to this at any time (see the note in any such message).

The legal basis for processing is Art. 6 (1) lit. f) GDPR.


3.5 Data processing based on consent

Where applicable, we may also process your personal data on the basis of a consent given by you. This applies to data which is not necessary for contract performance, or contract preparation, or where no other legal basis applies. We will inform you about the particular purposes prior to your consent. This is in particular the case regarding your newsletter/mailing registration. 

In this case, the legal basis for processing is Art. 6 (1) lit. a) GDPR. 


4 Recipients of personal data

As a general principle, your personal data will only be available to internal recipients, insofar as they are involved in the business relationship, service provision, contract performance, or requested pre-contractual measure. The access and usage rights will be determined by the particular objective requirements.

For performance of the purposes described above, and/or as required within the business relationship, or for compliance with contractual or legal obligations, a transfer of relevant personal data to external recipients may be required. This may in particular apply to the involvement of further contractual partners, e.g. subcontractors, vendors, or customers, further to a transfer of relevant personal data to tax offices, authorities, banks, etc. This may also apply in cases of external advice, e.g. by financial auditors or attorneys.

Where personal data is transferred, any existing confidentiality obligations will be observed.


5 Storage period

The period of storage of personal data will be determined according to the particular legitimate purpose of processing. Your data will be stored from the time of collection or provision. The storage and processing will be carried out as long as it is required for the particular purposes. Your data will be deleted upon termination of the business relationship with you, and when there are no more mutual claims, and insofar as there is no other legal basis for storage and/or processing. In particular, data will always be stored for the duration of statutory retention periods.


6 Your rights

In case of questions or requests regarding data protection, you may at any time contact us. We will quickly work to solve your request in order to find a solution that fully satisfies your interests and rights. 

The persons affected by the processing of personal data have in particular the following statutory rights:

  • Right of access to personal data (Art. 15 GDPR [for Robotron Schweiz GmbH, Art. 8 FADP applies in addition])
  • Right to rectification of inaccurate personal data (Art. 16 GDPR)
  • Right to erasure of personal data (Art. 17 GDPR)
  • Right to restriction of processing of personal data (Art. 18 GDPR)
  • Right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR)
  • Right to object against processing of personal data 
  • (Art. 21 GDPR)
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time (the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal remains unaffected)
  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Art. 77 GDPR)

For further details regarding the described rights please refer to the particular statutory provisions. There may also apply exceptions deriving from the statutory provisions, so that the described rights may not always fully apply. 

For any concerns, you may also contact our Data Protection Officer (as above).


7 Provision of personal data

In most cases, the particular personal data is required in order to properly perform the contractual relationship, or to take the requested measures, or the data is required for legitimate interests of us, or we are legally obliged to collect particular personal data from you. In these cases you are obliged to provide this personal data to us. 

An exception will apply to such personal data that was willingly provided based on your consent, and where no other legal basis applies.

Insofar as you are obliged to provide the particular personal data, a non-provision may impair the contract conclusion or performance. We might also be unable to provide you the requested information, or to take the particular requested measures.


8 Further information

For information regarding the processing of personal data outside of our business relationship, or our current contact (e.g. when visiting our website, etc., insofar as applicable to you) please refer to robotron.de/datenschutz.


9 Modifications of this information

We may modify this data protection information, as required. Therefore please keep yourselves regularly informed about any new information.