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Kontron and Robotron Simplify Computer Vision

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New Product AI-Workstation

Kontron and Robotron combine two of their innovative solution approaches for the uncomplicated and fast application of computer vision. The jointly developed all-in-one product AI-Workstation provides a valuable contribution to the democratization of artificial intelligence

The new AI-Workstation is a multi-purpose combination of hardware and software that enables training, execution and inference of algorithms for a wide range of computer vision models and frameworks. The standardized approach covers almost all deployment scenarios and enables manufacturing engineers without coding experience to solve their inspection problems in real time using computer vision.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and in particular the subfield of machine learning are continuing to be the subject of everyone's attention. The enormous potential of this technology for optimizing processes, products and costs as well as the ability to use data as a basis for strategic decisions is undisputed. Especially in the area of visual quality control, Machine Vision or Computer Vision - i.e. computer-based vision and image processing - offers numerous use cases and optimization potential in the industrial environment. Nevertheless, many companies still see too many question marks to even start their first AI project:

  • What does the introduction of AI systems cost and what are the benefits?
  • Is there sufficient expertise in the company for an AI project?
  • Is the existing IT set up appropriately?
  • Where does the required data come from?

The AI-Workstation from Kontron and Robotron removes these initial hindrances and creates an uncomplicated entry and test option for future complex AI applications. By creating their own first proof-of-concept, companies gain valuable insights into the overall benefits of an AI solution through an iterative learning processes. Also, this is possible without coding knowledge, additional cloud environments or complicated installation of software.

Read more details and the full announcement in the related press release.

Realtime Computer Vision (RCV) – GUI and functionalities of the central administration tool
Compact midi tower housing of the AI-Workstation