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The term Elastic Stack stands for the technologies Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats. If you want to extract the maximum of intuitively prepared information from your data, you can't avoid the open source solutions from Elastic.

The Elastic Stack provides you with a powerful tool to cover the most diverse requirements of your business. The Elastic database is specialized in storing and retrieving large amounts of data. Using this technology, you can implement the requirements of a full-text search.

Overview of Your Advantages

Simple full text search for
almost all data types

Uncomplicated deployment

Free open source solution
as an entry-level option

Powerful enterprise solution
for demanding tasks

Central data management for storage & evaluation of log files

Operation as a low-maintenance cluster

Selected Application Areas of the Elastic Stack

The Elastic database is excellent as a full-text search engine to find data.

Load metric and performance values of the IT infrastructure into the Elastic database and evaluate them thanks to comprehensive dashboards.

Configure SIEM functionalities in Elastic Stack and generate greater value in the area of threat detection on your IT infrastructure.

Data can be visualized and analyzed with the help of the Kibana user interface. Dashboard and drill-down functionalities provide defined, ready-to-use screens that facilitate daily work and summarize all information.

The Elastic Stack offers a central storage location within the framework of log management for all log and trace files. At this central location, the information can not only be stored, but also evaluated as part of log file analysis and linked to further information. This makes it possible to identify problems or security incidents in the system operation.

Host, container, cloud and application metrics such as performance or state values can be stored in the Elastic database using Metric Beat. Using dashboards or via ad-hoc queries, you can perform an evaluation of infrastructure and cloud metrics.

Starting with Elastic Stack version 7.2, SIEM functionality is provided in the free version. Using the Security Information and Event Management System, you let Elastic analyze data streams from logs and metrics in the background and receive an alert as soon as security breaches are detected.

Elasticsearch: The Most Important Features

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular data analysis tools on the market. Depending on the purpose of use, it is worth considering which technology is the best fit for solving the requirement. Below we have highlighted a few defining features:

Indexing of alphanumeric data


Unlimited data volume thanks to high scalability


Data enrichment / aggreation during the loading process


Standard visualization via Kibana


Available as open source, free basic or paid option


Elastic Engineer I + II certification possible


Elastic Agent or Beats to read in the data


Ad-hoc queries via Lucene


High availability solution via clustering


Configurable alerting


Access via APIs

Machine learning support available


Simple index lifecycle management


License costs by features, indexed data volume irrelevant


Conclusion: Elastic offers you numerous possibilities for the most diverse use cases. As a certified Elastic partner, Robotron is at your service to help you implement the right analytics tool for your needs.


Overview of All Services

Robotron is at your side as a provider for numerous services related to the Elastic product portfolio. Our experts have a lot of experience in building high availability services and in data analysis and provisioning. Numerous extensions of Elasticsearch functionalities are also possible, for example through data analysis using Python.

Consulting services and workshops

Development and customize services

Installation, monitoring, maintenance and support of Elastic instances

Consulting and distributor for Elastic licenses

Dashboard creation

Reduce your installation efforts and use the automation tool ansible to install and configure Beats on the source systems. For more information, see our Data Center Automation.


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