Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Advanced Configuration Workshop

Lernen Sie die HA Lösung Cloud Control 12c, den Aufbau und Konfiguration weiterer OMS's mit Konfiguration und Securityanpassung kennen.

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control 12c: Advanced Configuration Workshop teaches you to maximize availability and scalability with deployment of EM. Learn techniques for disaster recovery, security and command line operations.
Discover how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can help your organization streamline IT management processes and guide you in your transformation to the cloud. You will see how your organization can realize a 10-20% productivity increase due to labor cost savings resulting from cloud lifecycle management features. You will also see how Enterprise Manager 12c can provide up to ten times faster provisioning of applications in enterprise private clouds.
This course will also introduce you to configuration concepts. You'll have an opportunity to solidify them as you navigate through a series of hands-on labs to build a higher available system.

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  • Datenbankadministratoren
  • Web-Administrator
  • Projektmanager

Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse

  • Familiarity with: Enterprise Manager base install, basic EM components control commands, command line environments (UNIX, Linux preferred)
  • Kurs: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Install and Upgrade
  • Kurs: Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c


  • Introduction
  • Enterprise Manager Deployment Best Practices
  • Repository Configuration Best Practices
  • Software Library Configuration
  • Command Line Interface (EMCLI)
  • Load Balancer Setup
  • OMS Configuration and Administration
  • My Oracle Support Configuration
  • Deploying Oracle Management Agents
  • Enterprise Manager Security
  • Monitoring the Enterprise Manager System
  • Recovery Techniques for EM
  • 1. Tag 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr,
    Folgetage 09.00 - 17.00 Uhr
  • 3 Tage
  • Durchführungsgarantie
  • Live-Online- & Klassenraum-Kurs
  • D76687GC12
  • Oracle Technologien
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle
  • 2.562 € pro Teilnehmer