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Notes on the use of Zoom

We host our online courses, online seminars and remote hands-on workshops using the Zoom video conferencing service [external link to Zoom website]. The decision to use Zoom is based on the exceptionally good functionality of the service and the very robust infrastructure, especially for meetings with many participants. Our partner Oracle University also relies on Zoom as a standard platform for online courses.

With your participation in the online event, you declare your consent to the use of the service.

We are aware that Zoom - just like the majority of alternative video conferencing services - is the focus of a data protection evaluation. We are monitoring this development very closely. Compliance with data protection is our top priority. This also applies in particular with regard to the participants in our online event. We note that the provider Zoom has made significant improvements to security in recent months and is still developing this further.

Notwithstanding this, we would like to ensure that we conduct our format - for your protection - in a fully data protection compliant manner. The best way to achieve this is to reduce the processing or transmission of personal data of our meeting participants to a minimum from the outset, or to exclude it altogether. Through this "data minimisation" we protect the data protection rights of our participants.

We recommend that you observe the following guidelines when participating:

  • Disable cookies in your browser, and always select data protection-friendly settings in your browser.
  • When you follow the meeting link, you can choose to run the meeting in your browser or by running the Zoom client. Preferably, run Zoom in your browser. The optimal browser for running Zoom without installation is Chrome. (This eliminates the need to install the client).
  • You will be prompted to provide your name when you enter the meeting. Note: It is not necessary to give your real name. Therefore, feel free to log in with an alias name if you prefer.
  • Keep your camera turned off.
  • Mute your microphone. (If you have questions for the speakers, you can of course activate this; alternatively, you can ask your questions in the chat window, again without mentioning your personal information, if you prefer).

If you follow these instructions, no personal data will be transmitted in the meeting, and a sensitive data protection area will not be affected. Rather, you will participate in the sessions in the form of a one-way live streaming rather than a two-way meeting.

We will also increase security by enabling the Waiting Room feature as well as password protection.

In addition to our own information on data protection and the handling of your personal data, which you can find here, we also provide the following Zoom-related information:

  • Provider of the video conferencing service used: Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (55 Almaden Boulevard, 6th Floor, San Jose, CA 95113, USA)
  • Zoom privacy policy with information on data processing: zoom.us/de-de/privacy.html
  • Zoom privacy and security notice: zoom.us/docs/de-de/privacy-and-security.html
  • An EU adequacy decision (previously: Privacy Shield) is no longer available; however, part of the Zoom subscription is the "Zoom Global Data Processing Addendum (Global Data Processing Agreement)" incorporating the EU standard contractual clauses, which you can view here: zoom.us/docs/doc/Zoom_GLOBAL_DPA.pdf.