Many Opportunities for Small and Big Appearances

You might occasionally see the familiar blue lettering outside the biathlon arena or off the orienteering course, because we can definitely get excited about a lot more sports. Whether it's cycling, ice hockey, table tennis or dragon boat racing - there are plenty of opportunities and our employees are always bringing new disceplines to the table.

Ice Hockey

At the "Game of Legends" (Winter Derby Dresden 2016), numerous ex-national players and DEL stars faced each other.

Team Relay

The team relay race is organized every year by "Laufszene Dresden". For some years now, a Robotron team has also been taking part in the race.


Whether it's the "Erzgebirge-Bike-Marathon" or the 24-hour race - a well-practiced Robotron team is always right at the front of the field.


"MSV Handball Dresden e. V." was provided with a set of new jerseys and also "ESV Lok Pirna" is supported by Robotron.